Photos From the Lecher Lab

Field and Lab Work

Collecting sediment samples from an excavated archaeological unit as South Inlet Park.

Collecting samples for fecal indicator bacteria from groundwater at a beach in Boca Raton.

Archaeological survey of submerged sites near Jupiter, FL.

Photographing a sediment core before processing.  Sediment cores indicate changes in environmental conditions over time.

Installing a groundwater well to sample permafrost meltwater in the tundra of Alaska.

Taking notes while doing fieldwork in the tundra of Alaska.

Conferences & Workshops

Drs. Watson and Lecher attend an NSF-sponsored workshop on teaching data analysis at Carleton College in Minnesota.

Presenting at the Florida Statewide Symposium on Best Practices in Undergraduate Research in Orlando, FL.

Drs. Lecher, Rowland, Korte, and Doctor visit the CDC museum in Atlanta while participating in the STEM conference for the Association for American Colleges and Universities.

Presenting at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Lecher and her research students presenting at the Annual Meeting of the Florida Anthropological Society in Miami, FL.

Learning shoreline mapping to document coastal erosion using high precision GPS at the Tidally United conference in Cape Canaveral, FL.

Dr. Lecher runs the annual Women in Science conference at Lynn University for young women interested in science careers.

Drs. Lecher and Cooper take students to the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference in Miami, FL.

Attending a writing workshop in Bern, Switzerland for a project on global patterns of groundwater discharge to lakes.


Students from Dr. Lecher's Human Environment Interactions class after cleaning out a nature preserve.

Students in Dr. Lecher's Lynn 101 class cleaning artifacts from local sites.

Student's from Dr. Lecher's Citizenship Project class tour Gumbo Limbo sea turtle rehabilitation center.

Students from Dr. Lecher's Citizenship Project class after cleaning trash out of the canals around campus using canoes.

Fun Stuff & Other

Dr. Lecher speaking at a hearing at City Hall in Boca Raton on the need to preserve natural areas on the coast.

Emotional support animals at Lynn during exam week!

Dr. Lecher and her graduating masters student Gabi at graduation.