Friday, June 18, 2021

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Database

Basterretxea, G., Tovar-Sanchez, A., Beck, A. J., Masqué, P., Bokuniewicz, H. J., Coffey, R., ... & Vaquer-Sunyer, R. (2010). Submarine groundwater discharge to the coastal environment of a Mediterranean island (Majorca, Spain): ecosystem and biogeochemical significance. Ecosystems, 13(5), 629-643. Link

Keywords: Chlorophyll, Biomass, Phytoplankton, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Salinity, Temperature, Phosphorous 

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Databse

Andrisoa, A., Lartaud, F., Rodellas, V., Neveu, I., & Stieglitz, T. C. (2019). Enhanced growth rates of the Mediterranean mussel in a coastal lagoon driven by groundwater inflow. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, 753.  Link

Keywords: Bivalve, Temperature, Salinity, France

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Database

Rodellas, V., Garcia-Orellana, J., Tovar-Sánchez, A., Basterretxea, G., López-Garcia, J. M., Sánchez-Quiles, D., ... & Masqué, P. (2014). Submarine groundwater discharge as a source of nutrients and trace metals in a Mediterranean bay (Palma Beach, Balearic Islands). Marine Chemistry, 160, 56-66.  Link

Keywords: Chlorophyll, Spain, Majorca, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Metals, Iron, Salinity

Article Added to SGD-Marine Biota Database

 Moore, W. S., & Shaw, T. J. (1998). Chemical signals from submarine fluid advection onto the continental shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 103(C10), 21543-21552. Link 

Keywords: Fluorescence, Chlorophyll, Atlantic, South Carolina

Friday, April 30, 2021

Article Added to SGD marine Biota Database

Ruiz-González, C., Rodellas, V., & Garcia-Orellana, J. (2021). The microbial dimension of submarine groundwater discharge: current challenges and future directions. FEMS Microbiology Reviews. Link

Keywords: bacteria, microbe, plankton, prokaryote, biomass, diversity

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Database

Pisternick, T., Lilkendey, J., Audit‐Manna, A., Dumur Neelayya, D., Neehaul, Y., & Moosdorf, N. (2020). Submarine groundwater springs are characterized by distinct fish communities. Marine Ecology, 41(5), e12610. Link

Keywords: animals, salinity, freshwater, Mauritius, pH, nutrients, springs

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Database

Silbiger, N. J., Donahue, M. J., & Lubarsky, K. (2020). Submarine groundwater discharge alters coral reef ecosystem metabolism. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287(1941), 20202743. Link
Keywords: production, calcification, Hawaii, nutrients, pH, salinity, temperature