Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Paper in Marine Chemistry

My paper titled "Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Monterey Bay, California: Evaluation by mixing and mass balance models" came out in Marine Chemistry today.  My collaborators and I compared the main nutrient sources (groundwater, upwelling of deep water, and river water) to the bay during different times of the year.  Nutrients can cause harmful algal blooms in Monterey Bay, and understanding the governing factors of nutrient input to the bay may one day help us mitigate such harmful outbursts of algae.  This is a follow up to my previous study "Nutrient loading through submarine groundwater discharge and phytoplankton growth in Monterey Bay, CA" that came out in Environmental Science and Technology last year.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cutting a Rug in Research

My alma mater the University of California Santa Cruz, where I received my PhD has been ranked second in the world for research influence.  These means not only do scientists at UCSC conduct a lot of research, they conduct research that is especially influential in moving scientific though forward and increasing our knowledge of the universe.  The full article can be found here.

Article Added to SGD Marine Biota Database

Pisternick, T., Lilkendey, J., Audit‐Manna, A., Dumur Neelayya, D., Neehaul, Y., & Moosdorf, N. (2020). Submarine groundwater springs ar...